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Four Ways You Will Get Major Breakthrough


You will finally understand the root of your sexual struggle. You will learn how to resolve that root issue and walk in freedom.


You will connect with other men experiencing the same struggles. You won't feel alone or like you're the exception among men.



You will finally break through the chains of sexual struggle. You will get to the root of your issue and find true freedom that lasts.


You will experience restoration and healing so you can live the life you were meant to. Your life and heart are not too broken.

Discover How The Surfing For God Weekend Intensive Has Helped Men Like You Break Through To Freedom

You know how some guys read all the purity books, get an accountability partner, go to sexual integrity groups, but stay stuck in the same place? It doesn't have to be that way. You can get unstuck. You can experience freedom.

You’ve been praying for a way out. Here it is.

We understand what it’s like to pray over and over for a way out of the vicious cycle–only to feel like your prayers go unanswered. But what if there was a path to lead you out? What if there were a process where you could overcome porn for good and experience lasting change?

At our Surfing For God Weekend Intensive we help men with out of control sexual behaviors discover the “way out.” We show men the path and then give them a process that leads to a life of standing tall–head high and full of integrity. So, have you been praying for a way out? Our weekend could be the answer to your prayers.

Let’s be honest. You want to be able to stand tall. To be a man of integrity. You want to honor God. To be faithful to the ones you love. We will help you get there. It is possible. And we are here to help.

“My life has been forever changed by the Surfing for God Weekend. Take it from a lonely addict who never thought he’d have the courage to engage in authentic friendships with men, or in a lasting intimate relationship with a woman. Or now you can ask my wife - ask her what she sees when she looks into my eyes.”

Tony Anderson, Executive Producer & Composer
The Heart of Man Movie

Is Attending The The Intensive Weekend Right For You?

Where’s It Held?

Learn about our Colorado venue as well as travel details and more.

What’s The Format?

Learn What Happens At The Weekend Intensive & Check Out FAQ'S

Is There Follow Up?

Yes! You can continue your healing long after the intensive weekend is over.

Is there really something better than “lather, rinse, repeat?”

We understand that after so many failed attempts to stay clean it’s tempting to just throw in the towel. But tens of thousands of men who were ready to throw in the towel have gone on to overcome porn and sex addiction through the life changing truths from the pages of Surfing For God.

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What’s My Investment?

The stakes are high if something doesn’t change. Right? That was the case with Donny--one of our weekend alumni. “After attending every other sexual integrity weekend out there--with no real results, I learned about the Surfing For God weekend. Because of what seemed like a steep price I almost didn’t sign up. But thank God I did. It’s now two years out and I am free from the spiral of shame and addiction. My heart is alive and my growing marriage is something I never dreamed it could be.” So what would you give for real healing and restoration like Donny?

Surfing for God Weekend Intensive

January 25 - 28, 2018
Monument, Colorado
Investment = $1750

3 Month Payment Plan Available | Scholarship Options

Register Today

Early Bird Rate = $1499

Must Register by December 15

Register Today

Questions? Call us! (303) 932-9777.

Surfing For God Weekend Intensive Schedule

Thursday 01/25

4-5pm Check In

FRIDAY 01/26

All Day/Night

Saturday 01/27

All Day/Night

Sunday 01/28

Depart 12:30pm

Listen To Our Alumni

Listen to my podcasts with Tony Anderson and Kevin Tripplett. Tony attended our weekend and went on to co-create The Heart of Man movie as Executive Producer and Composer. Kevin attended that same weekend. As a result his marriage was miraculously restored and that story is featured in The Heart of Man movie.

Other interviews include Nate Larkin, John Eldredge, Dallas Willard, Peter Scazzero, and more.

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