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Our story

In 1998, Michael Cusick was training grad students as a professor when a local ministry called. They asked if Michael would meet with a pastor every day for two weeks. As Michael had never heard of such a thing, he was initially hesitant.

But as he worked with the pastor for three hours a day over two weeks, what the pastor experienced and Michael witnessed was nothing short of miraculous. Within two years, Michael had resigned from a career in academia and set out to grow an intensive counseling ministry.

Michael and Julianne Cusick founded Restoring the Soul in 2001 to help couples and individuals experience hope and healing when they feel most stuck. Although it follows the basic framework of intensive counseling, the RTS program is strengthened by Michael’s exclusive Integrated Clinical Soul Care (ICSC) model, blending cutting-edge clinical care with contemplative spirituality.

What is intensive counseling?

Our clinical experience

Our trauma-informed, licensed therapists are trained to identify and diagnose core issues. As professionals in the field, we bring our individual expertise and experience to each session to help you explore your story.

We specialize in


Integrated Spirituality


Compulsive Behaviors

Sexual Abuse

Betrayal Trauma

Marital & Ministry Therapy

Our founders


Michael Cusick, MA, LPC, Co-founder & CEO


Julianne Cusick, MA, LMFT, Co-founder

What we believe as faith-based therapists

Restoring the Soul operates within an Orthodox Trinitrarian framework. As we care for people across the spectrum of Christian traditions—and we welcome people of all faith traditions—we hold to the words attributed to Augustine: “In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty; in all things charity.”

Our position on taking a position

Occasionally, someone reaches out to us wanting to know what we believe about a sensitive issue, like homosexuality, gender, abortion, or birth control. Sometimes the questions are theological or doctrinal: Is your ministry liberal or conservative? Calvinist or Arminian? Catholic or Protestant? What is your position on women in ministry?

But our position as an organization is not to take any position on controversial issues or issues outside the counseling room. This allows us to honor our calling and commitment to create a safe and non-judgemental space where we meet men and women at the point of their pain, brokenness, struggle, and doubts. In this space, we explore their story by partnering with the Author of their story (Hebrews 12:1-2) to facilitate deep healing and transformation.

We are deeply convinced that:

  • The issues and problems that bring people to counseling are rarely the actual problem (Proverbs 20:5).
  • People are wounded in relationship, and people are healed in relationship.
  • Jesus came to bind up broken hearts and set captives free so that we can be whole and holy.
  • Human beings are embodied; therefore, the spiritual self is embodied; therefore, practices of embodiment and somatic work are essential for living with integrity.



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