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As Restoring the Soul grows, we are hiring licensed mental health therapists with unique therapeutic focus and experience. Our therapists are passionate about helping clients explore their stories to work together toward deep change. We’re excited to hear how you hope to contribute.

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Restoring the Soul, Inc., a not-for-profit counseling ministry in Lakewood, Colorado, is seeking to hire licensed mental health therapists with the following training and expertise:

  • Mental health license in good standing with 5+ years experience
  • 3-5 years minimum experience trauma-informed counseling
  • Specific training in trauma-related therapies including EMDR
  • Integrating spirituality & neurobiology into therapy
  • Evidence-based treatments for complex-PTSD
  • Framework for understanding complex roots of addiction
  • Extensive experience treating survivors of sexual abuse
  • Must be willing to relocate to the Denver area


  • Expertise in systemic therapy and couples/marital therapy
  • Experience with pastors, missionaries, and parachurch ministries
  • Intimate partner betrayal trauma including post-sex addiction induced trauma, post-affair trauma, and psychological impact of gaslighting

Duties and responsibilities

Our intensive counseling therapists meet with clients in 3-hour blocks Monday through Friday over one to two weeks to dive deep into issues of trauma, attachment, abuse, spirituality, and more. We specialize in addressing sexual and spiritual abuse, sexual compulsions, betrayal trauma and complex-PTSD, marital and relationship issues, depression and anxiety, life transitions, and sabbatical renewal and care.

Alignment with our core culture

  • Dynamic relationship with Jesus
  • Passion for restoring brokenness
  • Self-identify as a wounded healer
  • Self-aware team player who goes the extra mile
  • Gracious with a wide range of clients
  • Trustworthy & extraordinary integrity

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