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Woman facing different paths as she makes the decision whether or not to attend intensive counseling

Is Intensive Counseling for Me?

By Restoring the Soul | May 29, 2024

What is intensive counseling? At RTS, intensive counseling is a powerful therapeutic model that allows for breakthrough and growth in a short period of time. You’ll work with trauma-informed licensed therapists-each with their own expertise-in daily sessions across 1-2 weeks. This method allows us to approach your struggles with care, providing clinically accurate diagnoses to […]

Tense couple has a conversation on a couch

Five Ways Unresolved Trauma May Be Derailing Your Relationships

By Restoring the Soul | May 15, 2024

Five ways unresolved trauma may be derailing your relationships Excerpts from Restoring the Soul’s free PDF for unresolved trauma in relationships At Restoring the Soul, couples often show up to a counseling intensive uncertain what is really at the root of their conflict. This is understandable – when two people enter into a relationship, they bring […]

Woman practicing centering prayer at home in quiet place

Practice Centering Prayer for Mental Health

By Restoring the Soul | March 6, 2024

At Restoring the Soul, we believe that opportunities for transformation often come through the spiritual practices of silence and meditation. Of course, this is a lovely sentiment – but what do we really mean by meditation? What does it look like to sit silently with yourself? And how does it change anything in your mind and […]

Repair of crack pottery tea cup with a hand

Introducing Restoring the Soul’s New Logo

By Restoring the Soul | February 21, 2024

A new logo for our intensive counseling center We are delighted to announce our new logo in 2024 as a symbol of the journey we invite soul care participants into. This logo is designed to embody our unique mission. The image features a piece of pottery that has been broken and remade, inspired by one […]

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