Five Ways Intensive Counseling Ignites Breakthrough


After three and a half decades of marriage Ben and Judy were stuck. Having been to four different marriage counselors in the last eighteen months, nobody had been able to help them get unstuck from the gridlock that.....

We work with clients who are hurting and hopeless. In some cases, clients are experiencing marriage issues related to infidelity or betrayal, lack of intimacy, patterns of conflict and contempt.

Regardless of the issues, nearly one thousand clients have discovered how our Intensive Counseling Process is different than anything they've experienced.

Discover the five ways that nearly one thousand couples have ignited change and breakthrough in their life and marriage.

#1 - Sufficient Time Gives You Extreme Traction

You probably know the drill. You schedule a one hour session that lasts 45 to fifty minutes. And just when you get to something important you hear, "We're out of time -- See you next week!"  The problem is that in todays hectic world most people never make it to counseling every week. And when they do it takes forever.

Maybe this has happened to you. You're driving in a snowstorm. Road conditions are pretty bad but you take precautions. You drive slower. You drive defensively. You pay close attention to the traffic around you. But by by now the roads have frozen over.  Suddenly you come upon a hill. As you begin your ascent you realize that your tires are spinning. The road is solid ice and your car can't get any traction. Your tires spin and spin until you realize you aren't going anywhere. All your wishful thinking isn't going to get your car unstuck.

So many of the couples and individuals who attend our Intensive Counseling Process are like the car with its wheels spinning. For these men and women the one hour counseling session is insuffient.

#2 – Limited Time Results In Laser Focus

much to frequently counseling continues long after it has ceased being helpful."   In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, Stephen Covey talked about "Beginning with the end in mind." In the same way, intensive counseling begins with the end in mind.

Last month I was speaking with a couple in a major crisis. The nearest Christian counselor was more than 60 miles from their home. Despite the distance, they were committed to making it work. However, when they discovered that the counselor’s next available appointment was almost two months out, they started exploring intensive counseling and eventually chose Restoring the Soul.

#3 - Our 360º Assessment Gives You Rapid Clarity & Our Heart Emphasis Addresses Your Root Issues 

In some instances, even when Christian counseling is available, sincere and well-meaning counselors may lack the necessary expertise and training for a given situation. We often hear from clients that “the counselor back home is caring and supportive.” Then, the client expresses they’ve gone as far as they can with limited impact. When this happens, it only makes sense to look at other options.During this time, David’s wife learned from a friend about Restoring the Soul. Less than a month later David began a two-week counseling intensive where together we identified significant unaddressed childhood trauma. To say that the intensive was life changing would be an understatement. “I got my heart back, and I didn’t even realize I had lost it,” he later told me.

#4 - Our Soul Care Model Gives You A New Way To Live

#5 - Our Integrated Approach Insures You Receive Wholistic Care