Leadership Counseling

Live and lead out of a place of overflow.

Can you relate to these leadership experiences?

You are planning or considering a sabbatical and need a guide to help you process life and ministry.

Intimacy with God is a thing of the past—or never existed—and time in solitude and prayer is limited to “professional” prayers and preparation for your next ministry activity.

Intimacy with your spouse is a thing of the past—or never existed—and you don’t know what to do about it.

You pour into everyone else, but no one is pouring into you.

Your sense of emotional well-being and identity are linked to the ongoing success of your ministry.

Your friendships and close relationships are limited to people you are ministering to.

Unwanted thoughts, behaviors, or addictions keep you locked in unwanted patterns of living.

Sexual struggles and temptations keep you hidden in shame, isolation, and fear of being found out.

The calling that once brought you joy and energy now brings you resentment and exhaustion.

You regularly spend time thinking about getting out of the ministry.

Your soul is weary and needing rest, renewal, or direction.

Restoring the Soul programs for Christian leaders

Sabbatical Soul Care

Individualized intensives in a one or two week format where you and a licensed counselor take a 360 look at body, mind, soul, and spirit

Ministry Brokenness

Counseling care for pastors and other leaders impacted by transition, termination, team conflict, or those needing to address self-care and their own spiritual well being as a result of ministry

Relational Brokenness

Counseling care for ministry couples and individuals experiencing or impacted by marital difficulty, intimacy issues, or other types of relational wounding

Sexual Brokenness

Counseling care for ministry couples and individuals in ministry or leadership roles who are struggling with or affected by pornography, infidelity, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, or other sexual difficulties

Begin your soul care journey.