Spiritual Wounds

Identifying spiritual wounds

Are you carrying pain and doubt when it comes to faith and spirituality? At RTS, we help you go beneath the surface as you reexamine your faith. We are here to help you process spiritual or religious trauma — and to help you close the gap between what you believe and what you actually experience on a daily basis.

Trauma psychologist Dr. Diane Langberg writes about spiritual abuse:

“The word ‘spiritual’ refers to something affecting a human spirit or soul. ‘Abuse’ means to mistreat another, to deceive or do harm. When we use the word ‘spiritual’ to describe abuse, we are talking about using that which is sacred—including God’s Word—to control, misuse, deceive, or damage a person created in God’s image.”

No matter where you’re at, we will support you in taking steps toward healthy spirituality.

Spiritual or religious abuse may include:

  • Inability to express true emotions in church or religious groups
  • Harsh criticism about your faith, beliefs or actions by religious/spiritual leaders
  • Refusal to acknowledge harm caused to yourself of others
  • Sharing of information (through prayer requests or otherwise) that should have been kept private
  • Having to keep secrets in service of a leader’s reputation
  • Teaching that God’s love and acceptance of you was dependent upon your performance, service, or faithfulness in the church group
  • Emotional, physical, or sexual blurring or crossing of boundaries
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You may be experiencing or having difficulty with:

  • Trusting religious leaders, churches, or groups
  • Trusting yourself and your ability to find a safe and healthy spiritual community
  • Feeling like a spiritual failure
  • Wondering if you are even a Christian

As an intensive counseling center with Christian therapists, we are committed to honoring your faith and spirituality, wherever you are on your journey.

When you attend an intensive, there won’t be expectations about what your spiritual life should look like. We are here to help you engage honestly with your questions and experiences as you take steps towards healing and an emotionally healthy spirituality.

Have you experienced spiritual wounding? We’d love to talk more to help you evaluate where you’re at.