Our Intensive Counseling Programs


What specific programs are offered?

We offer two programs to meet your specific needs: Two-Week and One-Week Intensives.

All intensives are held in Lakewood, Colorado — the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, in full view of our offices, with its breathtaking and majestic scenery.

What is the difference between a Two-Week and One-Week Soul Care Intensive?

Two-Week Soul Care Intensive

This format involves meeting 3 hours per day, Monday through Friday over ten days.

  • Designed for couples or individuals
  • Soul Care and Counseling for significant, present brokenness
  • Dealing with a personal, marital or ministry crisis or issue
  • “Overhaul” as opposed to “tune-up”
  • This is our most frequently chosen intensive to address personal, relational or ministry brokenness

One-Week Soul Care Intensive

This format involves meeting 3 hours per day, Monday through Friday over five days.

  • Designed for couples or individuals
  • Soul Care or Spiritual Direction that is “proactive” and “preventive”
  • No active crisis or significant present brokenness
  • “Tune-up” as opposed to an “overhaul”
  • Frequently used by leaders on a sabbatical, missionaries on furlough or for directed spiritual transformation

What can I expect during the intensive?

We personally tailor every soul-care intensive to your unique situation, with no cookie-cutter programs, no boxes you have to fit into, and no hoops to jump through.

  • We quickly foster an atmosphere of safety and grace that facilitates deep change, healing and renewal.
  • We unequivocally honor and respect your need for privacy as a Christian leader–no group sessions with other couples or individuals.

With whom do I meet?

Restoring the Soul presently has six counselors who provide intensive counseling. Counselors are assigned and scheduled based on a combination of factors including availability, the best fit, and presenting issues.

Weekly Schedule for the Intensive Counseling Process

Your Intensive may be scheduled as 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions. Your specific 3-hour time slot will be determined based on therapist availability and spacing of clients for privacy. Intensives are scheduled in 3-hour blocks between 8 am and 5 pm and are usually either morning or afternoon.

Looking for details about our unique Intensive Process?

We can imagine you have a few questions regarding whether a One-Week or Two-Week Intensive is right for you. The four most common reasons for an intensive are below. We also know every individual or couple we see has unique reasons to invest in themselves through our Intensive Counseling Process. Please reach out to us through the space for questions in the assessment. We’re ready to answer every question you might have.



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