Are out of control sexual behaviors causing you distress?

Whether it's porn, affairs, or sexual addiction, there is help and hope. Intensive counseling can restore your life and your marriage. Really.

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Intensive Weekends For Men
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Are out of control sexual behaviors causing you distress or putting your marriage at risk? Do you need a cost effective program to address your problem at the root level ? Are you willing to invest three and one-half days to become your very best self? Find life changing help on our Weekend Intensives.

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Is Intensive Counseling Right For You?

Couples and individuals meet in half day blocks over one or two weeks to heal broken hearts, repair broken relationships, and restore broken lives. Because it really matters.

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Are you sexually addicted ?

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Is Your Marriage Broken?

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How is it with your soul?

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Are You a Leader in Burnout?

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Is your marriage on the brink?

Is your marriage lacking intimacy? Is your relationship characterized by criticism, contempt, or conflict? Do you need healing after the pain of betrayal or infidelity? What barriers stand in the way of the loving connection you long for?

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Intensive Counseling for Christian Leaders

How is it with your soul? Have you been so busy doing for God that it's hard to be with him? Are the pressures of leadership causing marital, relational, or professional difficulty?

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What’s the Big Deal About Porn?

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Messages that equip and transform.

Whether he is delivering a thirty minute message or a three-day workshop, every message and every talk is laced with grace. Listeners will be stirred to hope and gain greater understanding of the God revealed in Jesus whose passion is to restore and make all things new.

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for God

“This is a dangerous and beautiful book, filled with courage and hope. This book will set you free. The process Michael describes here works—I’ve seen it happen with many men. That’s why you should read this book. Then give it to every man you know.”

~ John Eldredge, Author of Wild at Heart and Beautiful Outlaw

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